BeAdvisors, as a proud partner of FEA Lisboa 2019, is glad to announce the Open Call for Lisbon-based artists:
We are selecting projects that will take part in the second edition of FEA Lisboa (O Festival dos Espaços dos Artistas de Lisboa) taking place in May 14-18th 2019. The call for applications will close by 1 st April 2019.
Inspired by the successful Italian experience, Studi Festival, and following the great results of the first edition, the Festival is independent and made for the artists’ spaces widespread throughout the urban network of the city that are simultaneously opening their doors with innovative exhibition projects.
The artists are invited to host other artists in their spaces, developing exhibitions, performances and events. The project is open also to other independent realities such as non-profit spaces, artist-run spaces or other temporary locations within the urban area.
NEWS OF 2019
The new edition of FEA will include, in addition to the exhibition projects, a schedule of talks, seminars, and prizes dedicated to independent artistic production. Furthermore, a series of collaborations with Universities, local cultural institutions, and private professionals will enrich the Festival with a program of different activities.
  • Drawing a synergistic, fluid and democratic map of the cultural research of the city, including not only institutional and private galleries, but also all those places where art is realised every day.
  • Development of a new relationship between the artists and the audience through the discovery of unexpected places, which are usually not open to the public.
  • Creation of a new public for contemporary art related/connected to the territory, constituted by those who otherwise would hardly come into contact in artistic contemporary production.
  • Implementing a new type of art collecting, related to direct experience and purchase.
  • Creation of an alternative model to the current use of contemporary art, suggesting the search for new innovative cultural possibilities and proposals.
  • Stimulate a debate on the autonomy of the artist’s research according to the dynamics of the art system, creating a constructive exchange and competition based on artistic values.
  • Vitalizing the urban network by bringing out the creative energy that it itself contains.
  • Attracting the attention of the national and international art audience on the artistic context of Lisbon.
A total amount of 10 art spaces/projects will be selected as participants of FEA 2019 through this Call. You could apply as Artist Studio, as Independent space or as Event (temporary or ephemeral projects).
The selected participants will be divided into three city areas, depending on their location. The three areas will correspond to the three days of the Festival. Spaces must be open on the day corresponding to their zone, approximately 5-9pm. We will communicate the corresponding area just after the selections.

During the other days of the festival, the spaces will be open by appointment or for private tours. FEA team will be available to organize and coordinate the visits. An online and paper map will be created to facilitate the visits. The festival will be totally free for the participating artists and the audience.

1. Having a studio, a workspace, or an independent project space available.
2. Presenting a new and original exhibition project that includes the participation of other artists besides the owner of the space.
3. Being able to respect the opening hours indicated for the exhibitions.
4. Submitting the application form. You can download the application form here: . deadline: 1st April 2019
The Application form includes:
1. General information about the space;
2. Exhibition project including: Title; Short concept of the project (max 500 word/ English translation is required); Artist/s involved; Additional information about artist/s involved; Exhibition project (PDF/ English translation is required).
The International Jury is composed mainly of artists, selected for their relevance and their previous experience in creating or being part of independent art projects.
The festival aims to finalize the tools to fully acknowledge the work and proposals of participants, through the creation of an organizational structure providing support and promotion to projects.
To do so, FEA acts through: the implementation of the website with the map of the participating spaces and the program of the festival; the promotion of the program and the artists involved through dedicated pages on the main social networks and the development of an innovative and functional social media strategy, helping the promotion of the festival; the assignment to a specialized press office for the promotion of the festival and its programming; invitation of collectors, curators and gallery owners to visit the participating spaces, possibly through the organization of guided tours;
production and distribution of information materials in the main points of interest related to contemporary art audience (fairs, galleries, museums, etc.); the realization of photographic documentation of the event. The photographic material submitted by the candidates will be published (it is necessary to specify the rights in the file name if there were any) in order to promote their exhibitions and the festival in general, at the discretion of the organization. The data of the participants will be used to promote the
exhibition and the festival and will remain for the use of the organization.
By submitting your application, you sign the authorization for the use of data and the photographic material described above.
We will communicate the selected projects during the second half of the month of April, with the instructions regarding the logistics of the festival.