BeAdvisors Art Department is an independent art advisory firm, based in London and Milan, which offers comprehensive professional guidance on the international art markets.
With more than a decade of experience in the art world, BeAdvisors provides bespoke advice and support to collectors, art enthusiasts, galleries, institutions and businesses working in or seeking access to the art world.

Combining wide-ranging expertise in the tax, legal and financial aspects of art ownership with a deep understanding of the parameters and possibilities of the international art market, we pride ourselves in offering a new and holistic approach to art advisory services.

At BeAdvisors, we believe that the art market needs a more refined and engaging approach to art advising: highlighting the experiential qualities of art, and not just their value as objects. BeAdvisors is keen on smoothing the dynamics of the contemporary art market, providing our clients with innovative and collaborative alternative models.

We believe in promoting and challenging the most significant developments in the art world by working on purpose-driven projects and initiatives that solve the current issues in the market. The aim is to benefit the whole system: galleries, artists, and collectors.