BeAdvisors offers a wide range of services: from fully-managed contemporary art investment advice to corporate art services, from educational services to first-class art experiences. We present an advisory model strongly passionate and solid as an art collecting guide for our clients.

Art Advisory

BeAdvisors advises collectors across the entire spectrum of the international art market. We provide expert advice through rigorous research provided by our acquisition specialists and network organisations.

Our extensive global network and in-depth knowledge of the market allow us to match artworks with the right buyers and sellers around the world, in a timely and discreet manner.

We pride ourselves in providing extensive due diligence and market analysis of every artwork we offer or acquire on behalf of our clients. Together with our clients, we evaluate all available buying and selling options and their implications, finding the right moment to buy, hold and sell.

From the initial appraisal or curation to final shipping arrangements, insurance or export licences, we manage everything with your privacy in mind.

Corporate Clients

BeAdvisors is firmly rooted in the Tax & Legal industry, so we have a clear understanding of corporate clients’ needs, whether this involves creating a corporate collection or devising corporate responsibility plans to incorporate art.

We believe art should go beyond its simple exhibiting function and should serve educational and engaging purposes too. With this in mind, we organise programmes and experiences for companies who want to discover business development strategies and new communication and branding tools through art-related activities. Art can engage staff members, attract the best talent, foster creativity and even increase productivity.

We contribute to the Corporate Social Responsibility and Cultural Marketing Activities goals of companies and institutions by assisting them with the creation of corporate art collections, as well as supporting their CSR programs.

We provide professional advice on the art projects they promote and we assist them with the patronage of charitable projects and events. We help companies channel philanthropic endeavours through their contribution to global art projects.

Moreover, we are capable of supporting companies in defining the best strategies for maintaining an active and positive presence in the contemporary art world through financing and sponsoring art projects.

We are committed to delivering tools that enhance the identity and marketing activities of our clients, such as but not limited to, corporate hospitality events in art venues, networking opportunities that foster industry connections, and special projects like fellowship programmes and guided tours around galleries, museums and art fairs.

Strategic Consultancy

We offer strategic business advice to private and public sector entities, and support each client’s organisational sales and marketing needs. We help galleries promote their brand and enhance their revenue streams, as well as advise art companies on reshaping their organisation or value proposition.

Considering our varied range of experience within art and business, at BeAdvisors we are truly and uniquely positioned to offer our expertise and bring significant and lasting results to our client’s businesses.

We have a great understanding of what makes a commercial gallery successful, by defining curatorial, commercial and marketing strategies, to help them prepare successful applications to international art fairs.

In the hospitality industry, a work of art can leave a lasting impression and resonate with customers on a deeper level than any other aspect of design or service.

We have a particular interest in hospitality and have worked in creating art collections and agendas for international hotels and restaurants.

We design bespoke hospitality programmes, including themed dinners, educational events and brand positioning, in line with the client’s needs.

Tax and Legal

The acquisition, ownership, and sale of artwork is a highly specialised field. Whatever the circumstances, we aim to identify and deliver commercially informed, pragmatic and bespoke solutions for our clients.

Our specialists in art tax and law deal with art transactions and other relevant issues and disputes. These include matters relating to contract, auction, attribution, provenance, restitution, artist rights, cultural heritage, intellectual property, tax and estate planning – including tax incentives such as the Cultural Gifts Scheme in the UK, Art Bonus in Italy, and inheritance tax conditional exemption – export licences , insurance, finance and collateral.

Our clients are primarily collectors and investors, agents and introducers, but we also act for and deal with artists, dealers, auction houses, museums, galleries, consignors, storage companies and appraisers.

Art Trusts

All collectors consider the best strategy for preserving and adding value to their collections. However, this is also one of the most complicated and crucial aspects of efficient estate planning.

The main drivers that lead to the creation of an Art Trust are to protect the family and its assets from external aggressions while considering generational transfer strategies that can reduce, eliminate or postpone tax payments. For this, an art collector needs a tool that can:

  • Offer an organised and unified management solution for the collection
  • Protect the total value of the art collection from being diluted
  • Add value to the collection through loans and exhibitions
  • Protect the artistic patrimony from external aggressions
  • Efficiently manage the planning of an estate
  • Maintain the family’s reputation and prestige intact
  • Serve as a vehicle for patronage and philanthropic activities
An Art Trust is currently the most flexible and efficient tool to answer all of these needs organically.

BeAdvisors not only includes a team of lawyers, accountants, and trust experts but also boasts an in-house art advisory. This makes our company unrivalled, unique and competent, as we are able to directly handle all matters pertaining to the art trust and its management.

We offer the collector a strategic analysis on estate planning and generational transfer, assistance in drafting the trust deed, assistance in the creation of the Scientific Committee supporting the trust, ongoing consultancy, and guidance on the trust’s development.

Art Tours

We offer guided tours and educational events to new collectors and buyers of fine art.

Collector programmes and Art Tours can be arranged in the most relevant art cities, starting from London and Milan, where we are based, and during major global art fairs.

Thanks to our extensive networks across the art world, our clients have privileged access to key figures, art fairs, and institutions, as well as selected openings, private views, and exclusive events.

Our tailored activities include visits to international art fairs and VIP events, artist’s studios, auction houses, and international art institutions, among others.

To accompany these activities, BeAdvisors is also able to curate your stay at selected visited cities, by booking luxury accommodations, lifestyle and wellness activities, and special experiences inspired by local traditions.


BeAdvisors Art Department curates exhibitions and special art events in various venues and locations. We have been actively working with institutions, private and corporate clients, galleries, art fairs, and project spaces.

From the Lecce urban walls to a baroque palace in Genova, from private houses to workspaces and corporate buildings: our mission is to create a perfect event and environment aimed to bring art closer to diverse audiences.