Valorizzazioni culturali | Art-events and BeAdvisors announce their partnership

Valorizzazioni Culturali | Art-Events and BeAdvisors 
announce their partnership for 2018/2019,
aiming to become a unique key player
for the artworld on a global scale.

After many years of collaboration, the two companies decided to join forces, offering a one stop solution for the artworld, fostering synergies deriving from their respective experiences in consulting and events’ planning.

BeAdvisors is a boutique consulting company founded by Mauro Mattei, tax advisor and trust expert with more than twenty years’ experience assisting private individuals and companies, with a particular interest in contemporary art.

BeAdvisors services include but are not limited to:

  • Art advisory. BeAdvisors advises collectors across the entire spectrum of the international art market, helping them to navigate the art market and fostering new collaborations between different players within the artworld;
  • Tax & Legal Consulting. Tax and Legal support for private and corporate clients;
  • Corporate Crowdfunding. Through BeArt, the first platform solely dedicated to the contemporary artworld;

  • Art Trust. Aiming at managing one of the most complicated and critical aspects of a successful patrimonial planning, BeAdvisors meets collectors’ needs of preserving and adding value to their art collection, offering support for planning generational transfer.

Valorizzazioni Culturali | Art-Events is a company dedicated to management and enhancement of heritage properties, through the project management of major cultural programs, exhibitions, high profile events.
It acts both as cultural advisor and real estate developer.

Valorizzazioni Culturali| Art-Events is therefore specialised in three different areas:

  • Enhancement and management of historical sites through development of strategic marketing plans, launching buildings as possible venues for relevant cultural venues;
  • Highly qualified venue scouting and facility management for the cultural field;
  • Local cultural agency in heritage cities like Milan and Venice, project managing international projects, giving an all-encompassing support to organisers in planning, organizing and promoting their events.

With offices in Italy (Milan, Venice) and United Kingdom (London), the two companies aim at playing a central role in the ideation of projects that could effectively promote cultural heritage in Italy and abroad.

GOLDEN GOOSE DB SHORT FILM, New York Sunshine collective and Luca Finotti, F/W Spot Production 2018, by GGDB at Chiesetta della Misericordia