Preview #4 in Milan

The fourth edition of the exhibition format Preview took place in Milan from the 29th October and the 3rd November 2019, just before Artissima.

Preview is the exhibition format presented by BeAdvisors Art Department in collaboration with Golab, where international galleries are invited to dialogue in an unconventional space having the opportunity to collaborate, share perspectives and visions.
The Milanese location where Preview takes place, Palazzo Cramer, is a 16th century villa, hidden behind a modern building, in the heart of Brera district. In its rooms, BeAdvisors AD and Golab have been working closely together for years on projects related to the world of contemporary art and communication. The idea of using this space for new projects related to art and experimentation was the key element of their collaboration.

Preview#4 spotlights six emerging artists presented by four international galleries:


Did you lose the exhibition of Preview#4? Watch it virtually! Click on this link and see Artland‘s HD 3D mapping!


Eugen Rosca (b. 1988 in Galati, Romania) lives and works in Bucharest, Romania. Tireless and emblematic, Eugen Rosca’s paintings seek to capture the regeneration of an incomprehensible and perpetually changing life flow: continuously creating and destroying, transcending and challenging. With slight prudence, the works bring one in differing contexts which yet denote, from a holistic perspective, a unitary aesthetic vision. Condensing multiple influences – sometimes Wagnerian – it is interposed between tradition and modernity, religion and secular claims, rationality and uncertainty, discomfort and well-being.

Marlon de Azambuja (b. 1978 in Porto Alegre, Brasil) lives and works in Madrid. The politics of architecture and urban planning drive Marlon de Azambuja’s photographs, sculptures, and interventions. Interested in the impact of public space on contemporary social dynamics, he uses influential buildings and environments as both subject and substrate.

Jimena Kato (b. 1979 in Lima, Peru) lives and works in Madrid. She defines her work as follows: “the volume, the matter and its qualities, its extrinsic and intrinsic space, as well as the dynamics of different processes and the relationship with a specific context determine the form and content of the pieces. Using the nature of the materials is the main foundation of my work. Respect the structure, the movement, the density of these and dialogue with them instead of trying to control them. Working on apiece then becomes a process of letting go. These physical notions are the main directional traits of my work.”

Merike Estna (b. 1980 in Tallinn, Estonia) lives and works in Tallinn. Merike Estna pushes the limits of painting as both idea and action: with her expressive style, the Estonian artist unites an abstract visual language that seems to be taken from our digital age with motifs from myths and folk tales. In Merike Estna’s work, painting becomes a living, fluid substance with unforeseen possibilities, and where the spiritual meets the physical. It is perhaps less about the medium per se and more about an attitude and a sense of freedom that is allowed to permeate the entire process as well as its outcome.

May Hands (b.1990 in Brighton, UK) lives and works in London. May Hands sources materials from her daily environment both manmade and natural to create new objects and sensory experiences. These collected urban and natural debris are interwoven together through various processes. She celebrates and reveals qualities and new identities of the materials she works with, reflecting upon seasonal cycles, sensuality and the inherently curated aspect of our everyday consumption and desires.

Claire Milbrath  (b. 1989, Victoria, British Columbia) earned a BA in History from Concordia University. She had two solo exhibitions at Steve Turner in 2017 as well as a solo booth at Artissima Fair, Turin in 2018. She is the founding publisher and editor-in-chief of The Editorial Magazine, a print journal on contemporary art.


Bosse and Baum promotes an open-range of developments in the arts, curating site-specific exhibitions, supporting emergent practitioners, with a focus on audience development. A team of two, Lana Churchill and Alexandra Warder, are steering the gallery to be an open, accessible, testing ground, and solid foundation, for artists and audience, encouraging active viewing, conversation, whilst supporting the growth of their artists beyond the gallery space, into both private and institutional collections. The gallery operates within the public and private spheres, open to new combinations, to move forward in the current cultural and economic conditions. The current gallery space is based in Peckham, London, where the permanent gallery was founded in 2014.

Rodríguez Gallery is a contemporary art gallery founded in 2015 in Poznań, Poland. The gallery proposes to the public what they consider the most interesting phenomena in the Polish contemporary art scene, revitalising Poznan’s cultural offer and taking part of a new breed of galleries that will mark the inflexion point for Polish contemporary art expansion. The artists they work with challenging the conventional ways of seeing reality and art itself, offering innovative approaches to a wide range of mediums. Our goal is to enable them to carry out unique projects in our space in order to trigger a contemplative and intellectual exercise for the viewer.

SUPRAINFINIT develops a programme that highlights Romanian and international, emerging and mid-career artists. Having recently expanded its curatorial framework with SEQUENCE – a vitrine project and SALTMINE – a temporary exhibition & performance programme underneath the main space, the gallery seeks to engage in a multilayered approach to artistic contexts and contents. After producing several exhibitions in its initial space, and followed by a nomad experience in chaotic and ever fascinating Bucharest, SUPRAINFINIT recently moved in its new and permanent location. SUPRAINFINIT heralds the name of a plural and utopian universe created by artist collective Apparatus 22. The gallery was founded by Suzana Vasilescu in September 2015 and is currently co-directed with independent curator Cristina Vasilescu.

Steve Turner is a Los Angeles based gallery founded in 2007. Besides its exhibition program in the main venue, it participates in various international art fairs and presents pop-up projects during the year. Steve Turner represents a wide range of artists, not just USA based, but also artist from Latin America and other countries. A diversified exhibiting program presents artists that work with different media.